Twin Boats

Limited Addition Prints

Own a piece of photographic art.  The image "Twin Boats" is our most recent limited additional print.  Only 25 images will be made available to the public and will be customized to your needs.  This image is currently being printed to a size of 4' x 8' on an acrylic base for a corporate office lobby.  


Project Examples

TREK Development Group

Individual Clients & Private Collectors

Mainline Animal Rescue


Aperture provides ongoing photographic support by capturing the progression of the companies historical renovation projects.  In addition provides historical image restoration and other supportive services

Mainline Animal Rescue

Individual Clients & Private Collectors

Mainline Animal Rescue


Aperture provides ongoing photography services in support of the organizations fundraising efforts to increase the number of annimal adoptions at this no kill rescue.

Individual Clients & Private Collectors

Individual Clients & Private Collectors

Individual Clients & Private Collectors


Aperture works with individual clients to capture a range of photographic needs including, but not limited to sports photography (e.g., performance dossiers), personal and private portraits, pets, and events.  It is all about capturing the essence of the people we photograph

St. Peter's Church

Upper Uwchlan Township

Individual Clients & Private Collectors


Developed a coffee book to be used as a gift for individuals donating to the capital fund to raise monies for a new youth center for the community. Provided all the new photos for the book and proud to be apart of this great cause.

Upper Uwchlan Township

Upper Uwchlan Township

Upper Uwchlan Township


Photographed the township to build a catalog of images for the the website and other promotional and organizational materials.

Special Events

Upper Uwchlan Township

Upper Uwchlan Township


Capturing important moments in time is as rewarding as it gets for a photographer.  Proms, engagement, or other events is something worth getting the right shots.


FFF Enterprises

Providing personal and team photography

Ludwigs Corner Horse Show

Annual event that attracts the best riders in Eastern PA, and thousands of fans.

Multiple Individual Clients

Worked with a wide ranged of clients, including pets to capture sporting events, family events, an much more.

Upper Uwchlan Township

Photograph special events throughout the year

Q Development

Ongoing project photography of restoration of historical buidings including before, during, and after.  Projects include Masonic Temple, Homestead, PA.

Marsh Creek Cafe

Local images to support venue theme.

Brownsville Area Revitalization Corp. (BARC)

Developed project of both historical and current photography of the historical town buildings.

Clients Volunteer Work


Lionville YMCA

Provide support for a number of thier ongoing outreach and fundraiser projects

Main Line Animal Rescue (MLAR)

Provide support for a  range of fundraising projects and website

Brownsville Area Revitalization Corp (BARC)

Provide this non-profit a wide range of photography support including historical image restoration, original photography, and event support.

Upper Uwchlan Township

  • Township special events.