Cast Iron Gallery by Aperture

Abandoned Brownsville

Image from Nurses school building

Cast Iron Gallery is a unique photographic experience  combining historical and current professional  images.  The focus is on Western Pa, with a specif emphasis on Brownsville, PA.  The gallery is designed to inspire, showcase local photographers, and illuminate the history and decline of the town through pictures.  The objective is to build awareness to promote revitalization of a proud community.

Historical Images


Historical images provide a view to the once vibrant, regionally important and significant history of the town.  Every town has a story, some need to be told...

Current Images


Current images reflect the current state of many of the historical buildings including Union Station, Brownsville General Hospital, Monongahela Bank, and many other locations.

Aperture Creator of the Cast Iron Gallery

Chairs and shadows

Acquiring historical Images

 Stephen Beckman spent over eight months collecting historical images of Brownsville.  Then took steps to protect, restore, and digitize the originals prints. The goal is to continue growing the catalog of photography 

Finding Location

 Collaborated with local leaders to find a location that would be accessible, visible, and highlight growth in the historical district of Brownsville.  The building was acquired from BARC and significant investment was put in to building keeping it from falling in deep disarray 

Shooting original Images

 Stephen and Charles spent hours shooting Brownsville to bring the history and present imagery together to create a powerful story of what was, what is and what can be again. 

Collecting local artifacts

 Stephen searched and collected and recievied donations of artifacts to enhance the overall gallery 

Adding unique creativity

 Charles took his creative mind to a new level in creating some the gallery's one-of-kind displays including the ticket booth which holds the original brass ticket window from Union Station and the recreation of the first cast iron bridge built right in Brownsville 

Brining it all together

 Hours and hours of labor went into the creation of the Cast Iron Gallery.  Stephen and Charles would like to thank all the individuals that help make the gallery a reality.  Come and visit and treat yourself to a wonderful photographic voyage